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Being an Expat in Qatar

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Being an Expat in Qatar

The concept of expat is thought of as people from countries with low average salaries going to European countries or the USA, where they can earn higher incomes. But for Qatar, the situation is a little different. A significant portion of the Expat population in Qatar consists of people from high-income countries such as the USA, Netherlands, France. Because the income level promised by Qatar for expats is higher than many European countries.


Immigrants in Qatar


There are more immigrants in this country than you can see in any other country in the world. The high level of welfare and high salaries make Qatar an attractive country for immigrants.


Immigrants make up about 80% of Qatar's total population.


Immigrants from countries such as India, the Philippines and Pakistan to work in the construction and service sectors are the group with the largest population ratio in the country.


Qatar is the land of opportunity for expats.


There are not only expats in Qatar from poor countries like the Philippines, Pakistan and India. Many expats from rich countries such as the USA, Netherlands and France live in Qatar. Because this country promises a higher income than countries with such high income levels.


Job Opportunities in Qatar


Job opportunities in Qatar have a wide range of alternatives. Whether it is a management position based on knowledge and a special education, or a service sector employee who does not require a university education. Expats are needed for every sector in Qatar.


Sponsor in Qatar


To get a job in Qatar, the company you work for has to sponsor you and apply to the government on your behalf. It is impossible to live in Qatar without a sponsoring company. You cannot obtain a residence permit in this country without your sponsor. Your sponsor company is your entry ticket and your exit ticket from the country.

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