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Life in Qatar

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Life in Qatar

When you think of Qatar, is hot weather and desert the first thing that comes to your mind?


You are not wrong either. Because this country is really hot. And everywhere is desert. But Qatar is not just hot air and desert.


Do the strict rules and restrictions on the Arabian peninsula scare you? Qatar is a liberated region in the geography of all these negativities, away from these negativities.


There is a completely different life in Qatar than in neighboring Saudi Arabia. Freedom reigns in Qatar.


Well-educated people, a cosmopolitan life. The living standards you will see in Qatar are quite high.


You can feel like you are in the USA while walking in Doha during a cold time of the year.


Many expats from the US who will help you feel that way will already be living in the same city as you.


What is the main language in Qatar?


Although the main language of Qatar is Arabic, English is used in all areas in the country.


Both expats and the local population, everyone in this country speaks English.


Education language is English, Business Language is English, life in Qatar is English.



Basics for life in Qatar


Education in Qatar is free

Health services are free in Qatar.

Alcohol is not prohibited in Qatar. All kinds of alcohol are available in certain places and hotels.

Weekend in Qatar is Friday and Saturday

Horse culture is very important in Qatar. Horse riding is very common.

Eagle culture is very important in Qatar. There is even an eagle hospital in Doha.

Eagle and horse are status symbols for Qataris.

Offroad culture is very common in Qatar. On the weekends, it is very popular to go offroad in the dunes with big jeeps.

There is no public transport in Qatar. You must have a car in this country.

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