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Qatar Visa Policy

Qatar Visa Policy.png

Qatar Visa Status and Qatar Visa Policy vary according to the country of the person visiting Qatar.


While examining the Qatar Visa, we can evaluate it in 4 main categories.

90 Days Visa Free countries
30 Days Visa Free countries

Freedom of movement
e-Visa Requested Countries


90 Days Visa Free countries 


All European Union Countries
Turkey, Switzerland, Russia, Norway, Serbia, Ukraine

30 Days Visa Free countries

Australia, Azerbaijan, Canada, China, UK, USA

Freedom of movement

Qatar does not require a visa for citizens of states in the Arabian peninsula.


Countries where Qatar does not require a Visa:


Saudi Arabia




United Arab Emirates

e-Visa Requested Countries for Qatar


Qatar requires e-visas from some countries. These countries are: India, Iran, Pakistan, Taiwan. Most African countries are also included in this category.

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