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Sale of houses to foreigners in Qatar

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Sale of houses to foreigners in Qatar


Is it possible for foreigners to buy a house in Qatar?


Before 2018, the answer to this question was no.


It was not possible for expats to purchase property in Qatar. However, this rule has changed with the amendment made in Law No. 16 in 2018.


With this law amendment, it became possible for foreigners to purchase real estate.


Real estate sales such as offices, shops, apartments and villas became possible.


Regions Where Foreigners Can Buy Real Estate in Qatar


With the amendment made in Law No. 16 in 2018, foreigners were allowed to purchase real estate in Qatar.


However, this change of law does not allow the sale of houses in all regions of Qatar.


The regions where foreigners can buy real estate are determined by law.


These are the regions where foreigners can buy real estate in Qatar:


West Bay district, Pearl, Al Khor district, Al Qasar administrative district, Al Dafna administrative district, Onaiza administrative district, Al Wasil, Kharji, Jabal Thaileb investment district and Rawadat Al Jahaniyah investment district in Qatifiya


Areas where Unlimited property rights can be acquired in Qatar:


West Bay

The Pearl-Qatar

Al Khor Resort

Rawdat Al Jahaniyah

Al Qassar

Al Dafna




Jabal Theyleeb



About the 2018 Law No. 16 Amendment, Giving Foreigners the Right to Buy Real Estate in Qatar


With this law, which allows foreigners and expats living in Qatar to buy a house, some changes have been made.


Foreigners were allowed to lease long-term properties for up to 99 years in 16 designated regions, apart from 10 strategic regions that allow full purchase.


Areas in Qatar where foreigners are allowed to rent long-term properties for 99 years:


Musheireb, Farej Abdul Aziz, Doha Al Jadida, Old Ghanem, Riffa, Al Hathey, Al Ateeq, Salta, Fareej Bin Mahmoud 23, Al Khail, Mansoura, Fareej bin Dirham, Najma, Um Guilinah, Al Khalifat, Al Sadd, New Al merqab and Freej Al Nasr


Areas where non-Qatari citizens can obtain the right to use for 99 years:



Fereej Abdelaziz

Doha Al Jadeed

New Al Ghanim

Al Refaa and Old Al Hitmi

to never

Fereej Bin Mahmoud

Fereej Bin Mahmoud

Rawdat Al Khail

Mansoura and Fereej Bin Dirham


Umm Ghuwailina

Al Khulaifat

Al Sadd

Al Mirqab Al Jadeed and Fereej Al Nasr

Doha International Airport Area

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