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What are the Salaries in Qatar?

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Salaries in Qatar vary according to many factors.

There is no single answer to questions such as how much are expat salaries in Qatar.

The main determining factors of expat salaries in Qatar, factors such as industry, expat's hometown, experience.

Being an expat in Qatar is very advantageous because of expat salaries in Qatar.

Expat salaries in Qatar are higher than in many European countries.

You can observe that expats from high-income countries come to Qatar to work. UK, France, Netherlands etc.

The main reason for this situation is the high salaries of expats in Qatar.

Expat Salaries in Qatar

Architect Salary in Qatar 4,197.24€

Dentist Salary in Qatar 10,259.92€

Electronics Engineer Salary in Qatar 4,896.78€

Engineer Salary in Qatar 4,870.97€

Lawyer Salary in Qatar 6,270.05€

Mechanical Engineer Salary in Qatar 4,430.42€

Doctor Salary in Qatar 8,341.97€

Nurse Salary in Qatar 4,248.86€

Pharmacist Salary in Qatar 6,036.87€

Developer Salary in Qatar 5,155.77€

Teacher Salary in Qatar 3,082.96€

Salary levels according to Occupational Groups are as in this list.

Apart from Occupational Groups, the most important factor determining Salary levels in Qatar is Expat's hometown.

While determining the salary for the same occupational group and position, different salaries can be determined for a British citizen expat and a Lebanese citizen expat.

Salaries are higher for expats from European countries such as England and the Netherlands.

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